Fan Maintenance

The best way to clean & maintain your fan

Fan maintenance is one of the most important factors determining the life of your fan and how well your fan performs. Poor maintenance routines can reduce your fans efficiency by up to 50 percent. Below, you will find a list of cleaning and maintenance tips which will help keep your fan in good condition:

The first thing you should do before you start your maintenance routine is turn off the electricity in order to prevent electrocution or other electricity-related injuries. Then, clean and adjust any thermostats, baffles, outlets, safety screens, and shutters. Checking the shutters is very important in cold weather. This will ensure that the fan does not freeze in a certain position. Cleaning these pieces of equipment will keep your fan running in good condition.

The next thing to do is remove any dust residing on any part of your fan. The slightest bit of dust can have an impact on the performance of your fan. Thirty percent of your fans performance can be compromised due to dust on the blades and shutters. Dust on the motor of your fan can affect the fan’s performance, shorten the life of your motor and potentially cause premature motor burnout. Cleaning the dust off of your fan can be as easy as dusting with a fan brush (3-4 times a week is suggested). A thorough dusting takes less than 5 minutes each time you dust.

If your fan tends to stick in cold weather, simply spray a few drops of non-oily lubricant such as anti-freeze or graphite. These will help to keep your fan from sticking, which will in turn enhance the performance of your fan. Do not use oil or any type of oily substance to lubricate your fan. Oil attracts dust and when combined, these two substances become sticky and will likely make your problem worse.

Following these simple steps can have a huge impact on the life and performance of your fan. A few minutes a day can make the difference between an efficient fan and a fan which has a performance rating of less than average.

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