Types of Fans

Ceiling fans, exhaust fans & whole house fans

Fans are effective at cooling a specific space in order to make living conditions more comfortable. There are many different styles and brands on the market; it can become very difficult to choose which type of fan will be most effective in your home or office, especially if you are unaware of the specific models and their capabilities.

Ceiling fans are by far one of the most popular types of fans. These fans are designed to circulate air and create the sensation of cool air in a specific area, but will not remove any other particles or dust from the air.

Exhaust fans are usually located in the bathroom or kitchen. These fans are designed to remove air and steam created by the stove, toaster, hair dryers, showers and bathtubs, and other products that produce heat. Exhaust fans ventilate the heat and steam that builds up in the kitchen and bathroom to keep the room cool and dry.

Whole house fans are designed to suction the air from outside and bring it indoors through open doors and windows. It then takes the air from inside the house and releases it back outside, through the attic. These fans are generally only effective when temperatures outdoors are lower than temperatures indoors.

Portable fans, also known as personal fans or table fans, and battery operated fans are perfect for tents, boats, campers and your office desk. Window fans are great for individuals who do not want to spend as much money on central air conditioning systems for cooling their home.

Depending on your needs, the type of fan you choose can cost as little as $30 to as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a fan, consider whether you want to ventilate the air in your home or cool the air – your answer to this question will help you to pinpoint your needs before you buy.

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